About Us

About ARVOSS Store (arvoss.com)

ARVOSS Store (arvoss.com) is an online store specializing in shoes and clothing under Quanzhou Yaoxin Trading Co., Ltd. Our company D-U-N-S Number: 544529392. The founder is Mr. Yang . In 2014, the founder began to engage in foreign trade work. And in 2017, Quanzhou Yaoxin Trading Co., Ltd. was established. The company is located in the Chinese mainland. The main business of the company is cross-border e-commerce, selling high-quality Chinese-made goods to overseas customers. With many years of experience in foreign trade, in 2018, the founder, Mr. Yang, decided to create an online store. After preparation, we completed the establishment of the ARVOSS Store (arvoss.com) online store in 2019. ARVOSS Store mainly deals in: sneakers, shoes and clothing. This is how ARVOSS Store (arvoss.com) came about.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide customers with high-quality, fashionable, and affordable Shoes and Clothing products. Since the establishment of ARVOSS Store (arvoss.com) in 2019, we have served many customers around the world. Most of our customers are from North America and Europe.

Our products or services

Our company is located in Quanzhou, China, which is an important production area for shoes and clothing in China. Relying on the advantages of the industrial chain in this area, we cooperate with high-quality manufacturers and suppliers to provide customers with high-quality, fashionable and affordable products. The products of manufacturers and suppliers are designed by an excellent design team, who have a keen eye for fashion and innovation. We and the manufacturers and suppliers choose high-quality materials and technologies to create products that are comfortable, durable and have good performance.

Why buy from ARVOSS Store (arvoss.com)?

  • We are customer-centered and provide high-quality and reliable products and services.
  • We use Google voice Service (+1 202 670 9666) to facilitate 24-hour contact for customers in North America and other regions.
  • We offer a relatively low delivery threshold in the industry, and all orders are delivered free of charge.
  • We use high-quality carriers (such as YunExpress, etc.) to provide a good delivery time for your orders.
  • We have a simple online ordering process that can be operated through desktop and mobile devices.
  • We support customers to shop and pay with PayPal and Stripe.
  • We have many years of experience in our industry and are eager to pass this advantage on to you. We are willing to answer your questions and needs. We are looking forward to receiving your comments. Please send an email to support@arvoss.com or call +1 202 670 9666 to contact us.

In business activities, we will uphold the principle of integrity. We believe that through our efforts and perseverance, we try to make the experience as good as possible for our customers.

You can contact us at any time through the following ways:

Email: Support@arvoss.com
Phone: +1 202 670 9666 
Facebook Messenger: https://m.me/2370350453236891